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BILL-MAR Was started in 1999 by William Marion. He push mowed lawns in the neighborhood after school to make some extra money using the name "Bills Lawn Care".


After growing slowly and paying his way through law school, William saw an opportunity on making this a legitimate business. In 2006 he established it with a new name called BILL-MAR LLC.  Bill-Mar then expanded into other services.


With Steady growth came more opportunity. Bill-Mar was done working out of 2 home garages and bought its first building located on 90th & Q in Omaha ,NE.


Now a full service, family owned company with over 30 employees, it was decided that BILL-MAR needed more space than anticipated. In 2019 BILL-MAR purchased a new building located at 7300 F Street that was perfect for growth, with also having dreams of one day opening a landscape supply yard.


BILL-MAR now with over 40 employees has expanded services even more with now offering pool design & installations! Bill-Mar also worked towards its dream of opening a supply yard! BILL-MAR landscape supply opened March 1st 2021, that has now been transitioned over to Marion Outdoors as of 2023.

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Bill Mar Front.HEIC
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Our Service Areas


Lawn & Landscape Services

With our dedicated professionals, we offer all lawn and landscape services. Contact us today to enhance your outdoors, no project is too big or small.


Pool & Spa

We offer custom pool designs and installations with our professional pool & spa team, dedicated and here to turn your outdoors into the oasis you desire.

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